According to an agreement made last year with Dr. Hashemi, Minister of Health and in the pursuance of Dr. Dinarvand’s responsibility, the head of Iran food and drug organization, as well as under the supervision of Iranian university experts, Grippol plus has been manufacturing in Russia this year.

Grippol Plus Vaccine is one of the most recent Trivalent Vaccine which Polyoxidinium (Azoximer Bromide) as adjuvant is included in.

This Technology exclusively belongs to Petrovax Company that is solely represented by DTPC, a subsidiary of TPICO in Iran.

In fact, adjuvant increases immunity system of body, it also diminishes allergy caused by injection of Vaccine. It is free of any preservative and is recommended for babies over six-months and the aged in order to prevent  Influenza.

This type of influenza vaccine contains smooth antigen that is usable in the shape of single-dose syringe.

It is prescribed for the following people :

Infants, children and old people who are affected to respiratory infection, chronic diseases such as neurological, cardiac, respiratory blood vessel disorders. Furthemore, it is recommended for those who suffer from asthma and nephrogenic illnesses, melituria diabetics and diseases related to metabolic allergy.

Moreover, it is useful for patients who are affected to immune deficiency, AIDS sufferers, adults above 60 years old, medical personnel, pilgrims who are setting out for Mecca and other holy places, businessmen and many others.

As a matter of fact, this vaccine has being manufactured in Russia this year by benefiting from the assistance and cooperation of university specialists under supervision of authorized expert team, due to the agreement made with Dr. Hashemi, Minister of Health and Dr. Dinarvand, the head of food and drug organization.

It is hoped that by TPICO support and the Russian partner, this project would succeed in launching into production so that we could observe global high-tech medicines to be manufactured in Iran soon enough by getting an advantage of foreign researchers’ knowledge of  Abbot company and Iranian experts of Sobhan Protein and Daruo pakhsh companies respectively.