Darou Pakhsh Trade Promotion Company, is one of the holding companies of Daru Pakhsh Company and has more than 50 years of experience in the field of importing of manufactured medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials and transferring Technology  of pharmaceutical products know how. This company has got agencies from  first class American and European companies . By making appropriate commercial relationship with American and European companies and attracting their confidence , this company has been able to take effective actions to supply medicine and pharmaceutical companies shortage


This company is one of the unique commercial companies affiliated to Social Security Organization of Iran and by being registered as agency of American and European companies, has been able to import, market  and sell pharmaceutical products and supply required medicines of Iran, as well as medicines required by regular patients, incurable and special patients particularly those patients suffering from cancer

Summary of activities

  • Obtaining agency from large and first class companies of the world and registering such agencies in Iran
  • Supplying medicine requirements of special patients( who are suffering from incurable diseases) urgently
  • Importing the last pharmaceutical technology by making contract and transferring technical know how particularly biotechnology products
  • Participating in tenders of Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Health & Medical Education to import products required by the ministry
  • Supplying vaccines required by ministry of health
  • Supplying pharmaceutical raw materials required by pharmaceutical factories affiliated to Social Security Organization of Iran
  • Importing & selling medical disposable products and accessories
  • Importing required medical equipment for hospitals of Iran particularly for hospitals of Social Security Organization and university hospitals
  • Actively working in foreign made pharmaceutical products and medical equipment and aiming to export Iranian medical products which hold international standard